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Love having a/c

Love having a/c

The people plus myself are blessed with Amazing Friends. The people I spend time with plus myself have more than one friend that helps us practically do many activities. It’s amazing funny that some of us are different and joke about this in an often time. My friend Tim plus myself are on usual, but everyone of us get along swimmingly. The people I was with plus myself have honestly been friends for several years. A couple of months ago, the people I was with plus myself decided to get an apartment in the same place. Both of us were honestly having trouble with making ends meet, plus it seems like a great idea to get an apartment with one of my besties. The first couple of weeks honestly took some time for us to get used to one another, plus we found ourselves having disagreements over the heating plus cooling unit temperatures. Tim plus myself honestly feel different when it comes to the heating plus cooling unit. The people I was with plus myself differ in our body temperatures, which makes it difficult to settle on a single temperature for the thermostat. I happen to be completely obsessed with keeping the apartment cool, plus it’s clear that Tim does not share the same love I have for the air conditioning system. Tim would prefer the indoor atmosphere to be a little warmer, and spend less money on making sure that the cooling unit runs every single day. Tim And I will work out the issues, because the arrangement is nice.

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