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Honeymoon cooling

Honeymoon cooling

On our honeymoon, my husband Trent and I decided to drive down in the north as well as rent a lake house. The two of us both grew up close to the lake, so Trent and I thought that this would be the greatest blend of romance as well as peace, and yup were the two of us wrong! I knew that Trent and I were in for trouble when the two of us arrived to the lake house. In the images online,  the new home looked new as well as big. In person though, it looked pretty much like the opposite. Trent and I tried really hard not to let that get to us though. But, when the two of us got inside the two of us were hit with a wave of warm as well as humid air. The worst section of it was, the a/c device was already on! My husband Trent has been an Heating as well as A/C repair repairman for 13 years as well as knows good working units from bad working units. This a/c component was so horrible, that Trent didn’t even think what sort of model it was. The two of us tried to switch on the ceiling fan in the entryway for some more circulation, however they only made the icky as well as stale air move around even more. Trent and I tried real hard to have a good time, however it was just so hot as well as humid that it was difficult to do anything at all when we were there.

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