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More and more heating

More and more heating

After my friend Wendy moved in with me I realized just how pressing ventilation is for a home.  I always kept the house rather cold, even in the Winter time months. Being that I owned a big home, I knew my body heat gave a lot of warmth in the house plus respectfully kept the cottage generally good. But then, Wendy came to live with myself once her hubby passed away. Wendy was real wacky plus fun to have in my house. However, Wendy had a medical condition. Wendy has low iron in her body, which made my buddy seriously cold, even in the Summer months. At the beginning I didn’t complain about raising the heat all afternoon. To deal with this situation, I went to the shop plus bought new fans for my own rooms. However, Wendy kept complaining that it was still too cold in the home with the fans on. This situation went on for quite some time until I finally decided that if Wendy was going to live with me, she should spend money for her own Heating plus Air Conditioning device to be directed into her home office where she would stay most of the time, however for the next few days, this worked out super well plus nobody had an issue again of the heat. That was until her device broke from being overused. Wendy was not able to repair the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C device either and had no cash to fix it.

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