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Leather chairs are the best

Leather chairs are the best

Living in an aged beach house comes with several cons. This is absolutely something Mary and I found out the difficult way after her and I bought our charming little new home on the fringes of town. When Mary and I looked at the house it was completely empty and looked much larger. Mary and I never even notice that it has several foot ceilings instead of several which is usual in most homes. The only thing both of us can figure out is that the people who at the time 1st built the house must have been shorter, however anyway, having the smaller and ceilings has absolutely presented an issue in several areas. The first major challenges both of us had was finding ceiling fans that were able to be used without us hitting the fan blades all the time. They were undoubtedly limited on styles both of us can select from because most of them hang too far down from the ceiling. The next major error both of us had was the fact that our kitchen set did not fit well in the master suite. When both of us moved in both of us had a bigger four-poster bed that needed the larger ceilings to be able to accommodate the frame of the bed. At first my wife Mary asked if both of us could just cut off a lower half portion of the legs to make it fit but that made no clue. Also, I am not undoubtedly handy with tools so I cannot think that it would have been level if I had tried to do this. I look on the web to find a local Carpenter to see if they could help us with designing the same bed  with a shorter frame.

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