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Saving on the fireplace

Saving on the fireplace

When my wife had this fireplace added on to the construction of our house, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. A wood burning fireplace I understood–you can cook on it and heat with it should the worse happen and you lose power during a severe winter storm. But what on earth was the point of a gas powered fireplace? Weren’t she and I already going to be paying for oil? She assured me that she had had the full discussion with our construction contractor as well as the local heating and cooling supplier. They explained to her how much money she would save off the cost of our home heating bill, and how easy and efficient it would be to maintain. When the house was finished, I will have to admit that it did look very nice. It looks like a real fireplace, but the glass is a plate that can be slid out for cleaning. There no doors that need to be opened to feed the fire. All you do is flick a switch by the hearth, and the pilot light and gas spring a real fire to life. I can curl up and read with the dog while my wife watches a show, and no one has to get up to tend to the fire. Best of all, we can turn on the fireplace after the sun goes down, rather than turn up the central oil heater to fend off the fast dropping temperatures. Sure enough, my wife was right. We can go a lot longer before we have to fill up the tank for the oil furnace thanks to gas fireplace than we were in the old house without.

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