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I know I can fix this

I know I can fix this

The new lake house that we purchased has a wonderful place down in the basement. Every one of us decided we wished to make it into a media room with great furniture and a immense screen on the a single wall. Every one of us bought a projection unit and are able to watch films just like if we were in a theater. The largest obstacle we had to overcome was the seating area for everyone. Every one of us made a decision to have a large sectional built that could run along the other few walls. There is a furniture manufacturer directly in neighborhood so we were able to meet with them and come up with the perfect  design we needed. Every one of us wanted the ends to have a large cushion area where people could sit down and watch films if they wanted to. This worked out great for sleepovers because we felt as if we were sleeping out at a drive-in film. Every one of us also wished the area in the center to have reclining seats and snack areas for that true theater experience. The furniture manufacturer was wonderful and they even sent out a design man to take measurements so we would have a section that fit perfectly in the section we wanted. This was no cheap journey however it is so worth it every time we want to get together with our friends and family for film evening. The house we had only have section for a small sectional and a 55 inch cable.

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