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Cranking up the fireplace

Cranking up the fireplace

You know, periodically I wonder why I ever had kids! Occasionally they are the meanest, most selfish little humans I’ve ever heard of! They’re my kids and I love them, but this week, our youngsters are the most mouthy, most annoying, most wasteful human beings I know… I’m almost at the point where I’m going to send them to bed without supper or something care about a single of those evil stepmothers from a fairy tale.  They’ve been working my nerves all day long. They’ve talked back to me, been smart mouths, and basically disobeyed myself and my boyfriend the whole Thanksgiving break… And the straw that broke the camel’s back is that they came over to our digital programmable control component and completely messed up our control component program! It took myself and my boyfriend numerous to get our control component programmed just right and now our heating and cooling system isn’t going to run right at all. And their reasoning behind messing with our climate control component was that they were too cold! Well, since the fireplace had a fire burning it in, they should’ve gone to kneel by the fire. But heaven forbid they very kneel by the fire or put on a sweater! No, they have to go and goof up our HVAC program instead–it’s so annoying. And the worst part is how they say that it’s just a little box on the wall. They don’t see what the large deal is about the climate control unit. That’s because they don’t spend money for the HVAC!

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