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Need the a/c filter changed

Need the a/c filter changed

You know, there’s a reason you have years to figure out a family reunion in advance! Unfortunately, my whole family has a bad tendency to procrastinate as well as put things off until the last possible minute… I still remember 1 family holiday, where our dad waited until four weeks before the trip to call as well as reserve a hotel for a full week, That’s the level of procrastination I deal with in our family! So when our uncle as well as aunt sent invitations to the family reunion with only a week’s notice, I knew I was in for a wild ride! The arena of choice,  a community rec center, was not necessarily an exhausting thing. However, the rec center had pretty exhausting indoor air pollen levels. I suppose the property supervisors had neglected to rotate the air filters out for quite some time. And I bet their heating as well as air conditioner component was absolutely overdue for a tune-up! To make things even worse, the already poorly functioning air conditioner gave out. This was not good; we need it to cool a room with thirty people inside. As a result, the rec room became so hot as well as stuffy that everyone moved outside! At least there was a breeze, even if it was a moderate day outside, however at. As the my mom and I moved the food as well as games outside to the lawn, my dad disappeared to go talk to the property supervisors in the leasing office! He must’ve said some pretty severe words, because an HVAC repair truck pulled up in front of the rec center only fifteen minutes later! Thankfully, the heating as well as air conditioner professional was able to remedy the problem with the air conditioner–they even got it going once again! He said it would keep us cool for now, although he would absolutely need to come back as well as perform a proper tune-up on the equipment. Hopefully he does that before tomorrow!

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