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AC provider is lazy

AC provider is lazy

Every coffee shop I know of is always ridiculously freezing cold! It’s not a bad company model, if you ask me – it’s just a terribly chilly environment to be in, especially in the winter time months. Plus it’s hard for me to be focused on our work when I’m shivering! There’s a single shop I am thinking of near the place where I work, for example, where it has to be right at sixty or below degrees all year round, then the cooling system unit  in that store must be top of the line, plus harshly efficient – maybe they use a high-powered evaporative cooler, or dual ductless mini-split systems to keep the shop ice-chilly frozen all the time. That, or the shop is making enough income to handle the absurd electricity bills they must be facing from running their cooling system unit all day as well as night… Can you picture what your electric bill would look love if you ran your cooling system unit at max capacity for a month straight? Probably not, because you’d be paying an energy bill that was higher than your rent or mortgage payment! It is crazy when you think hard about it! Still, I don’t mind going into the coffee shop on a hot summer time day. Compared to the subpar window-mounted cooling system units every last one of us have at our office, or the decades-old central cooling system idea at my own home, the chilly environment of the root beer shop is a welcome change from things… Once it gets to be fall, plus the weather changes to become cooler, you can bet I’ll be sticking to the drive-thru for the morning coffee run!

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