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The a/c system at the store

The a/c system at the store

My wifey and I had grown tired of trying to wrestle our way through a crowded supermarket each weekend, so we decided to wake up at the crack of dawn and make the attempt to go right when they open at six in the morning – I’m talking right as the sunlight is starting to come up, which means it is still dark out when we wake up and get ready to go! So we went, and when we pulled up to the grocery store, the lot was practically empty – that was the first promising sign, and then we walked into the store, and we both had found that the air conditioner system was blasting chilly air! We’d never felt this cool as well as comfortable at the supermarket before, mostly because of the thousands of people pouring body heat into the air plus counteracting the heating and cooling system inside the place. The air quality was also much better than usual, which I thought was extremely different and rather peculiar; As we paced the aisles and gathered our groceries for the week, I observed every single vent register overhead as it poured chilled air down onto us. It was blowing my mind, just how comfortable plus cool this place was in the early morning! When we finally got up to the checkout lane, I had to ask the check out person if it was always this cool in the day, however she laughed, saying it’s usually just like this early in the morning until the crowds show up around 9:00 AM; Well, if it means being in the excellent air conditioner as well as on top of that being very comfortable while grabbing groceries, I’ll cheerfully keep coming in this early! So long as the wifey will agree to get up early with me, that is.

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