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why would you listen to the expert?

why would you listen to the expert?

When undertaking any project it is best to know at least the basics of what you will be doing.  If you don’t have the knowledge, then you might want to consult with someone who does. This is the advice I tried to give my daughter when she moved into her apartment.  It is in an older home and the owners have no problem with their their tenants doing minor repairs, painting the walls, or even doing small upgrades. They will take the expenses off of the monthly rent and my daughter was excited to make the place her own.  She called me the other day to say that she was going to paint her bedroom and wanted to know how to remove the grates from the HVAC system. I advised her to simply tape over them because of the risk of debris falling down them but she didn’t listen. I have worked as an HVAC technician for the past twenty five years so what do I know, right?  She removed the grates and left the ductwork exposed during the entire project. She scraped old paint off of the ceiling and let the paint chips fall right down inside. She then called me in a panic because she thought that she had ruined her heating system. I explained that it wasn’t as bad as that, however, she would need to use a shopvac to get as much out as possible before replacing the covers.  I also told her that she needed to make the owner aware of the issue and see if she needed to pay for a cleaning service to get the rest out. She then asked me if I could do it for her and I said I could but she would need to pay for it. If she had listened to my advice to begin with she would not be in this position now.

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