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The HVAC service was an upset

The HVAC service was an upset


   For ages now I have been working in the Heating and A/C repair field. When I graduated from high school, I instantly started working for a local proprietor. Back then, they didn’t have costly Heating and A/C classes, so you learned the task, if you were lucky enough to be someone’s apprentice. My best friend’s parents owned an Heating and A/C repair shop, and they gave me my first task. I worked at their Heating and A/C repair shop for almost 12 years. I only left the business, because I got married and my partner accepted a task on the other side of the state, where she had a fellowship at a prestigious College.

               My partner and I moved across the state, so she could teach history at that university. I found work with a new Heating and AC business. My previous company gave me a charming letter of recommendation. I had a few job offers, so I decided to take the task that provided me every weekend free from work. Since my partner was not working on the weekends, it made sense to have our time off together. I started working shortly after we moved and was almost fired during my first month on the task. I was sent to diagnose an Heating and A/C problem and I told the customer that the Heating and A/C components needed to be updated… The customer thought I had misdiagnosed the Heating and A/C problem.

                They called for a second opinion and they complained to my new boss. They said I was rude and belligerent. Since I was the new guy, they were hesitant to provide me the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately, the second opinion was also to update the Heating and A/C component..

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