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The theater’s ac

The theater’s ac


      My partner figured it would be enjoyable to attend a supper theater. I am not much of a fan of the theater, however I thought it might be fun. My partner got a 4-pack of tickets, and we invited another couple to join us for the evening. We were glad when our friends accepted the invitation. We were going to see a popular show, and the menu also looked great. I was happy to try Peking duck for the first time in my life.

               We got to our reservation time, and our table was all ready to go. We were seated close to the stage, which we thought was nice, but unfortunately, we were also seated under an air conditioner vent and all evening long, they had the air conditioner running. I never had a single break from the cold air. I had goose bumps on my skin, and I did not bring a jacket. We tried to move the table a foot, however the powerful air conditioner was too much. We still felt a  cold draft. My partner enquired if we could be moved to another table but they did not have any free tables, because every table was booked for the supper theater events.

                I was angry all evening, and the food wasn’t good. I was expecting a good event, however I was disappointed. If we were not seated under an air conditioner vent, the evening could have been better… And the food tasted like a crappy gas station Diner. The next time my partner mentions the supper theater, I am going to play deaf.

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