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Impressed with their cooling

Impressed with their cooling

There is this Chinese restaurant near the mall that I absolutely enjoy. They aren’t five star or anything, but they don’t have to be; the cuisine is amazing! The food is authentic, and you can tell that the owner and his chefs are masters of their trade. Even on my first visit to the place, I knew I was getting into something awesome the moment I took a bite out of their delicious lo mein. I judge a Chinese restaurant by its lo mein! My favorite appetizer are those fried flower-shaped things stuffed with cheese. When it comes to the main courses, though there are many superb choices to choose from, my favorite is their General Tso’s chicken. There was another great thing that I did not first notice about this restaurant for the longest time, and didn’t realize it until I was deprived of it: good HVAC. The temperature on the thermostat was always low, but not cold to the point where it was unpleasant, and your food would not get cold prematurely.  It was just cool enough for you to enjoy yourself. Then, when I visited one night with my boyfriend, I immediately detected upon walking into the restaurant that it was significantly warm. By the time me and my boyfriend were wrapping up with our appetizers and waiting for our main dinners, we had both began to get sweaty. I could not help but ask the server what was occuring with the thermostat when he arrived with our food, and she quickly explained that an HVAC guy was on his way to fix up the A/C. We were just finishing up our food when the HVAC tech walked through the entrance, but at least I knew that the next time we visited, the climate control would be back on.

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