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The a/c at our shopping mall

The a/c at our shopping mall

I appreciate my local mall. It has been my preferred shopping destination for a very long time. Even in the present day, when online shopping has taken over, I still like to make shopping a ritual that includes exploring the world and enjoying myself. Which is not to say that I abhor online shopping. It’s just that I like the old ways of shopping with friends and making it a social occasion. For that activity, my local mall has always been my favorite spot. There is one dilemma that I have come to expect from this mall, and that is I am compelled to always bring an extra layer of clothing, whether it be a pull over or light jacket, when I visit. The only caveat that I have about the mall, is that it always seems to be too chilly. No matter what area I walk into, it always seems to be chilly.This is absolutely true in the food court, and that’s a bummer, because there are some super good restaurants there. Whether me and my pals grab Chinese food or pizza, we typically have to scarf it down quickly, or risk our meals getting cold super fast. As I said, I have come to work with the cooler temperatures in the mall by wearing something for the occasion. That being said, all it would take is for the place to be just a tad warmer, and it wouldn’t be so agitating. They should really turn up the thermostat a few notches.

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