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A good heater and a/c plan

A good heater and a/c plan

The other day, my partner suddenly asked me something that caught me off guard. We were coming home from one of the kids soccer games, and he asked me what my ideal date would be. We had been married nigh on ten years, so we didn’t go on date nights frequently anymore. The kids were coming of ag and more busy, and all of the cash that we don’t spend went to things like helping the a/c unit or fixing the SUV. I told him that my dream date would be wining and dining on a beach right next to the ocean. I didn’t think he would take it farther, I just thought of the most relaxing thing and told him. About three weeks later, my lovely partner surprised me by getting us a vacation to the beach to have my dream date. It was such a romantic weekend. Our hotel was grandiose and had a nifty heating and cooling unit in every room, so if you wished it to be any temperature, it was yours to set. On our last night, we arranged my “dream” date night and it was very magical. The food was tasty and fresh, and the breeze outside felt so soothing on our sunburnt bodies that we didn’t even feel that our fancy air conditioning units were necessary. Heading home that weekend was a bummer to tell you the truth, but I felt so happy to be with such a kind and loving partner for the rest of my life.

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