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The heater hiding out on me

The heater hiding out on me

Ever since we had transferred into our new house in the countryside, i thought that we were doing an excellent job of making life safer for our tiny tot. We had been living in the crazy city, where there is significant crime and accidents, so my partner and I wished to move out here to help us out with that factor and live cheaper. However, we found out that no matter where you roam, if you don’t know your environment very well, than it can still be quite deadly. The climate control unit for the entire house is located in the family room, so my hubby and I decided to block it off to make sure that our child didn’t try and throw any of his toys into the system like he used to try to do in the old house we were in before. Little did we know however, that he discovered another separate HVAC unit located in an old closet. The closet was used for other things before it was remodeled many years ago, and our curious little boy had found the little space before us. For days he had been chucking all different kinds of items into the heated device until it got to the point that it began to make unpleasant noises that sounded like it was very stressed. As soon as we discovered it had foreign objects in it, we were quick to turn it off and call an HVAC man to remove the items. It was scary to think a fire was very possible, but I am just happy that we found the threat in time.

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