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Making HVAC changes

Making HVAC changes

I am so tickled to be heading home for christmas vacation. My first year of school has been crazy to say the least. I think it showed just how good I had it back at home. I miss the luxuries that I had like the genuinely home cooked meals, the fresh linens, and a heated gas furnace that did the job. My dad is an HVAC service repair man, so I am so very spoiled from having the most state of the art heating and cooling systems. When we used to reside in our old house, we even had radiant heated floors throughout the house! Back at my poorly heated dorm room that I am currently living in, I dream of radiant heated floors. I spend most of my nights writing papers under loads of blankets while also bickering with my roommate over what temperature to set for the tiny room. I think I am going to have to have a talk with the dean of the school and see if I could coerce him to sign a contract to have him visit the dorms and install some radiant heating floors. In the long view, it will greatly save the school so much money every month instead of throwing it away because of rusty, faulty gas furnaces. During this holiday vacation, I am going to brainstorm about drawing up a powerpoint or something to present to the school board so that my voice is heard, because I am getting sick and tired of freezing to death at college!

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