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The dusty heater in the home

The dusty heater in the home

I’ve been having all sorts of problems with the ventless gas heater in my house.  My home is ridiculously old, and isn’t equipped with a duct system. Heating the house is an aggravating, hard and expensive thing.  The compact, ventless heater resides in the kitchen, and typically keeps at least that space nice and warm. It’s not, however, very good at all.  The heater is an ancient model which means that it has only one speed. It either pours out heat at maximum capacity or shuts off. The constant on and off cycling is inefficient, and creates jarring temperature swings.  Because the thing runs on natural gas but is ventless, it causes pollution in my home. Since I have French doors to the kitchen, with various separate window panes, washing the film of oil is a time-consuming process. The ventless heater includes two washable air filters which get dirty constantly.  If there’s even a minor accumulation of dust within the filters, an indicator on the control panel begins to blink. When it does this, the heater literally cannot shut down. It simply runs at full tilt non stop, and I worry about it heating up too much, hurting itself, and even potential fire risk. Just recently, cleaning the filters did not turn the red light off.  I was forced to rummage around for the owner’s manual and examine the heater. There are few small holes inside the heater which need a blast of pressurized air to remove all the soot from the inner workings. When I shot air into these holes, the kitchen filled with a cloud of irritants. My eyes burned, and I started coughing. With an outside temperature of twenty degrees, it was chilly with the windows and doors open to ventilate the house!  

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