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Hotel HVAC makes a difference

Hotel HVAC makes a difference

Last year, my wife and I took a motorcycle trip from the north coast to the south and back. We spent nearly four weeks on the highway.  We’d get up early each morning, ride the bike all day, and find a hotel for the evening. The motorcycle provides a much more intimate road experience. It is a far more enjoyable way to tour the country. However, we are very much exposed to the weather. There’s no windows to shield us, no roof for rain, and no access to climate control. We try to make up for the lack of temperature with the necessary clothing. We have gear to stand up to the rain, cold, wind and heat. While the clothing is useful, it doesn’t totally offset the lack of climate control. On especially warm and sweaty days, we sweat a lot and easily get thirsty. During very cold weather, we put on several layers and yet often feel cold.  After a long day of riding, it’s always a relief to stop for the night. I look forward to snoring away in the room and having access to climate control. We look for decent hotels that offer proper water pressure, a comfortable mattress and pillow, clean sheets, and excellent temperature control. We need to get a proper night’s sleep before we get rolling in the morning, and adequate heating and cooling does the trick. We don’t really care about any other fancy accommodations. We’re looking for some relief from the elements for a few hours.

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