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AC is missing a part

AC is missing a part

Several weeks ago, I personally decided to buy a new air conditioner for the garage. Our garage previously did not happen to have any weather conditions control system, although I wanted an air conditioner for quite a long time. My favorite location to hang out is the garage. I don’t love to smoke things inside of the house, so the garage has become a minute entertaining area. The many people I was with and I have a large leather sofa, cozy Lazy Boy chairs, plus many odd gaming systems to use. I recently purchased a PS4, so our friends plus I could play video games from anywhere together. The only thing missing from the garage, was some type of new weather conditions control system. The Winter time weeks we’re satisfactory, however during the summer time weather is really unbearable. I decided to buy a new air conditioner, when the Home Goods store had their annual Springtime sale recently. I ordered the air conditioner online, plus even saved 30% on our whole order. I saved on shipping costs, because I decided to wait a whopping 5 afternoons for the air conditioner, then by the time that the air conditioner arrived one day in the mail, the weather was starting to get warmer. I opened the box plus pulled all of the tiny pieces out. The air conditioner needed some assembly, however it was an easily straight-forward task. I started to look for all of the parts, when I realized something actually quite important was missing. The air conditioner didn’t have an electric plug. There was a spot there for an electric plug, however it was completely missing. I searched through the whole box, but after an hour I didn’t find the missing part. I wound up having to contact the original air conditioner manufacturer. The missing part was shipped next day air express.

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