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Not using that heater yet

Not using that heater yet

My husband, John and I are staying in the south for the winter. The southern Winter weather is such a relief. In the north, we kept our heating system set above 70 degrees at all times. The furnace ran all the time, everyday. If we turned the furnace off for less than an hour, our house rapidly dropped below 60 degrees in no time. The house always felt stuffy and dry because it had to be tight to conserve energy.   The air quality was also compromised by the heater. In the south, we don’t deal with any of these concerns at all. Mainly this is due to the milder weather and no need of heating. The outside temperatures range between 60-70 degrees at all time. Why would we use heating for this type of weather? What is funny is that everyone around us are bundled up in pants and coats, while John and I are wearing shorts. John and I have not even  turned on our heater. There entirely is no need for it. The air is warm outside as well as inside the house. It stays at a comfortable temperature, even at night. If anything, we have discussed turning on the air conditioning a couple of time. To avoid this, we make sure to close our blinds during the day to avoid the sun. Our house is a nice temperature using no Heating or Air Conditioning. The two of us tickled about the low cost of our energy bills. The Heating and A/C units aren’t being used and because of this, the  air quality feels so much better. It is so much healthier spending winters in the south than in the north. There’s no concern with dry skin, sore throats or stuffy noses caused by an overly dry house. The furnace is not sucking moisture from the air or introducing contaminates. John and I have so much more energy now that we wake up to sunshine.

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