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He was weird about how much ac to use

He was weird about how much ac to use

I had no idea what I was getting into when I agreed share a hotel room. My friends and I planned a girl’s trip for a long weekend. The eight of us decided to spend a few days in a tropical location and  it up a bit. Because the flights were so expensive, we made the agreement to bunk up with a friend. We included two girls to a room to save some money. I got ended up partnered with Sarah, the new girl in our crew. Throughout the day, Sarah is a normal gal who being can hold her margaritas better than anyone. During the evening, however, she becomes an air conditioning nazi. Sarah is totally crazy when it comes to cooling control in a hotel room. When we checked into our room, the first thing Sarah did was lower the temperature on the thermostat by quite a bit. She insisted that I’d be thankful to have our room pre cooled once we were done at the beach. After a day spent lying in the sun, I figured the extreme A/C would feel refreshing. I trusted Sarah and  allowed her to lower the temperature. When she and I came back from the beach, our room was so cold I thought I was going to turn to ice. Sarah did not raise the temperature. The whole trip, the air conditioning was blasting at max capacity. I had not brought along any arctic gear to sleep in either, so I just shivered all night. Sarah was not receptive to turning the air conditioner down or even off entirely for a little while. If I raised the temperature a tiny fraction, she would switch it back. I spent the whole trip doing everything possible to avoid our room. I am never sharing with Sarah again.

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