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My friend could not fix the a/c

My friend could not fix the a/c

Harold is an engineer in addition to thinks that he can fix up everything. Most of the time, this is certain for him. There have been a few times where he has really fixed what I deemed to be not able to be repaired. And most of the time, it seems that he just wants to prove me incorrect in addition to show me that no matter what the problem is, he can do something to it. This can do, competitive mood, combined with his ego is what lead to his near-disastrous attempt at fixing our air cooling device. A few years back, while I was in the heart of a legitimately sizzling summer, our air cooling system just stopped working. The chilly air blowing out of the unit went from icy and then hot to just plain scalding. It soon felt as if every one of us had the heating unit on rather than trying to work the air conditioning system. I do not like to be hot, so I do not mess around when it comes to air cooling in addition to our 1st instinct was to call the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning crew to come in in addition to repair our AC device. Of course, Harold, believing he can repair anything had to have a turn at it first. Harold made his way down to the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning plan with his tools and convinced me that he could repair the AC system in no time.

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