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My partner Brian is leaving on a big trip and will be gone for 3 days. I am a horrible man because I am looking forward to it. I will get 3 days to just be by myself. I can eat fattening meals, watch stupid TV shows and do whatever I want in the house. My partner is absolutely cheap and won’t want to buy necessary things in the home. I plan to totally amp up the condo and hide those things that I buy. I am going to get a new shower drain, couch pillows and dishes. I also am going to give our sad little Heating plus A/C system a tune up. My partner Brian just flat out refuses to get the a/c and heater looked at. For almost one year the Heating plus A/C system has been making a churning noise. As long as it turns on, my partner Brian is not even worried about it.  Once Brian leaves though, the Heating plus A/C supplier will be coming in. I suppose there is a Heating plus A/C repair deep in the device. It absolutely is going to cost a ton of cash though. I am just going to throw away that bill. I can’t listen to the churning sound anymore. I also know the longer the Heating plus A/C runs poorly, the smaller the lifespan. I bet I will absolutely save us dough in the long haul by doing a Heating plus A/C repair now. Even if I don’t, it is worth getting that Heating plus A/C looked at.

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