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Adding a new level of heating

Adding a new level of heating

If you’ve never had the joy of residing on the second floor or higher in a house, beach house or anywhere else, just be thankful. While residing on the second floor can actually be nice while I was in the Winter weeks due to all the heat rising upwards, it’s a evening mare in the summer season time for the same reason! Over each summer season, I’ve had to keep as various windows open as I can while I have ceiling fans spinning in every room. Since I live in a duplex that is actually dated, there is no room to install anything greater than a window air conditioning component for cool air. That window mounted air conditioning idea works wonderful to keep my residing room cool and comfortable, however the rest of the beach house still suffers from the residual heat that comes up from the first floor. I’ve tried to job with my proprietor to have an additional window air conditioning component installed for my floor, although he insists that it wouldn’t be enough to compensate for the heat and would only drive our electric bills up… Finally, I had to do some research and talk with a few local Heating and AC professionals that represent a few repair companies in town. In those talks, I l gained that both of us can quickly address the issue with the heat by installing a whole-beach house fan in the attic! The whole-beach house fan works by rapidly pulling all heat upwards and out of the beach house using a high-powered fan. This would job wonders for me, as I could use it to quickly remove all of the heat that has accumulated on my floor before using the window air conditioning idea to really cool down. This should meet my proprietor’s criteria, as it is actually energy efficient and highly effective for cooling the entire house, and not just my floor!

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