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When it is time for new HVAC

When it is time for new HVAC

When Should You Think to Replace Your HVAC System?

Your air conditioning plan is one of the  greatest investments in your home, as such, you’ll always want to get the most out of it. And unfortunately, despite how looked after your HVAC plan could be, you’ll need to upgrade it at some point. A damaged or old HVAC can lead to a number of dangerous concerns for homeowners such as terrible air quality and increased energy costs.

Not sure if you should invest in a new air conditioner? Here are signs it’s time to upgrade your heating and cooling equipment at last.  

  •         Your A/C is Getting Over 10 Years Old

The Department of Energy recommends that residential HVAC systems should be upgraded every 10-15 years. A quality air conditioner from a trusted HVAC provider is strong and durable; however, after 10 years depending on how you maintain and use it, the major components are beginning to deteriorate… You will, therefore, have to get another system installed.

  •         Costly Repairs to Your System

All HVAC units will need repairs from time to time, like for instance a faulty heat exchanger. A gas-fired furnace primarily depends on the heat exchanger to work! It transfers heat from the burners to the air circulating through the inside of the unit. A heat exchanger may crack if it expands beyond its limit or if manages to become excessively hot. This may happen over time or when the air filters become dirty and blocked, but when the heat exchanger develops holes or cracks, it’s definitely time to have it upgraded.

However, if the repairs cost you more than half the cost of a brand new air conditioner, it’s smart to invest in a new one at last.

  •         Rising Energy/Electricity/Gas Bills

While there are seasonal changes in your energy costs, unusually high utility bills are often a sign that your HVAC plan should be upgraded as a whole. As cooling and heating systems age, their efficiency declines with them. This may become an issue especially if your plan isn’t tested by an HVAC worker at least once or twice annually.

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