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The a/c keeps turning off

The a/c keeps turning off

I would like to believe that I’m a fairly patient & well-tempered individual. However, I suppose that I have my limits, & I also have my pet peeves. Aside from bad drivers & people who block the aisle in a grocery store, 1 of my biggest pet peeves is when my home’s heating & undefined idea starts acting with a mind of its own! Ever since I bought this cheap digital thermostat online through a discounted retailer, I’ve been having this odd issue where the heating idea or undefined component will have short cycles of operation. It’s like the thermostat is sending the message to stop finally working, however it’s being sent before the furnace or undefined component can even heat or cool the house! Well, I did some digging into the potential causes, & 1 by 1 I was able to check them off as not being area of the problem. Many online forums claimed that the coils are freezing over, which is why the undefined idea runs on such a short cycle time. However, that doesn’t explain why the furnace does it too! Finally, I decided to put my faith in a real professional within the Heating & A/C industry. After calling an Heating & A/C specialist to come inspect my heating & undefined idea at home, he concluded that neither the furnace nor the undefined component were to blame. In fact, the suspect was exactly what I had a hunch about – the cheap digital thermostat! My Heating & A/C specialist explained that digital thermostats are a lovely thing, however I’ve got to be willing to spend the money to buy a high-quality thermostat, and otherwise, things like this will just keep happening!

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