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the new a/c in new places

the new a/c in new places

Visiting another country can be fun and exciting; Going to a whole odd continent and experiencing a whole new world in terms of culture, topography, and weather conditions can be an eye-opening experience. It gives you a sense of the wider world and helps you understand that the part and culture that you live in is just a small part of a much greater world.Traveling can also cause you to be very grateful for the things you prefer where you live. A few years ago, I visited a country in South America with my husband. It was a lovely venue with rainforests and all sorts of interesting flora and fauna. The people were quite friendly, and it was interesting to immerse ourselves in their culture. This was all lovely, however as sizzling and humid as it was down there, the precious hotel that we stayed in did not have any a/c to speak of. I have never been in a venue that was so sizzling and damp, and I could kill for an air conditioner and dehumidifier combo. I was so used to being able to combat the elements with these modern Heating and Air Conditioning technologies, however now we had to make due with nothing more than a few oscillating fans. Me and my husband did our best to get what sleep that we could, however by the end of the week-long visit, I will admit that I was fatigued, then when we finally got back house and stepped through our own front door, the nice cool breeze that greeted us from our air conditioner made us feel like a king and queen in a palace!

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