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Want cooling for the grads

Want cooling for the grads

I was so excited for my son’s graduation from high college, however he had worked so difficult in those final weeks reading for those finals plus writing those papers plus he was so stressed out, but in the end he made nice grades, then i guess this graduation is the culmination of a whole lot of job for him plus I am proud of him for sticking to it to the last, and this was all well plus good, but something was to put a damper on all the celebrations. The graduation ceremony was taking place in the indoor gym that was often converted into a meeting hall as necessary. In a freak accident, it turned out that the air conditioner program gave out, literally the day before high college graduation was to take place. There was so much to prepare plus get ready for the big night that it was determined the air conditioner could not be fixed in time, plus the ceremonies must continue nonetheless. It seems that the air conditioner complication was to big plus too complicated to be hastily addressed, but parents appreciate myself and others were still very much excited for their children, but I must say that the ceremony was considerably difficult to endure in the heat plus humidity of that late day plus early night! Just about everybody was mopping their brows with handkerchiefs plus trying in vain to fan themselves with the programs that were handed out. I did my best to be excited plus supportive of my son, but I could not wait for us to hightail it out of there plus get some supper in an air-conditioned diner!


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