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Getting rid of the fitness room aroma

Getting rid of the fitness room aroma

My best bud and I have been training to run a mud obstacle course in our free time. It’s a fitness run sponsored by our local gym; the mud obstacle course is a rigorous all-day event, and the winner receives a free two-year gym membership. For my best bud and I, we have a particularly strict regimen that we both follow every time that we go to the gym! Usually every one of us goes to the gym after work on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursday afternoons. The two of us always run at least 5 miles on the treadmill at first, and then move to work on legs or arms. The two of us spend about 90 to 120 minutes at the gym during each session, and lately, the gym has been entirely too busy for comfort with all of these people training for the mud obstacle course. Even on a normal day the gym is always packed, so now it’s unbearable. I entirely don’t appreciate waiting for machines, but the worst part is the suffering indoor air quality. The a/c equipment doesn’t seem to keep the whole large building truly sufficiently cold inside. Plus not only that, but the indoor air actually smells exactly like body odor. The gym has shower facilities and a locker room but there is no reason that the building should be permeated with locker room stink. There are more than fifty or sixty air vents located throughout the building and all of the workout rooms. Even when my best bud and I have finished our work out, neither of us smells as gross as the gym. The indoor air quality has suffered substantially, and I genuinely hope things will go back to normal after the race has been finished. This gym is so close to work, bu I won’t hesitate to go somewhere else if the indoor air quality doesn’t improve soon.

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