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Years ago, contracts were sealed on a handshake, honor and integrity were the rule – not the exception, and a person’s word was his bond. Nowadays, you had better put everything in writing if it is to be believed or honored. Little or no significance is given to a verbal agreement. And even when you do have things in writing, there are the forgers and identity thieves to contend with. People and their attitudes sure have changed!

               Some weeks ago, we were having a problem with our HVAC unit. That old girl has served us wonderfully over the years but it’s probably been working for longer than it should be. We live in a warm climate and the summer is unbearable without air conditioning. We always do our regular tune-ups. In fact, the servicemen at our local HVAC store know us by name and they have even named our unit, Mrs. Coolish! I guess that’s a clever way of saying our HVAC unit, though old, is not dead. So we have had quite a good relationship with these AC guys over the years.

               The problem is that we may have been employing those particular technicians for too long. For while they used to be available whenever our AC unit needed work, it has changed, especially since recently. The original owner of that HVAC company retired last year and since then, nothing seems to be going right in terms of response to service calls. That has been the unhappy  experience of almost all HVAC owners in this town, who do business with them.


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