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It is amazing how much children are influenced by their parents. When they begin to get older, peer pressure can have a huge impact on their behaviour, though.. Still, I think the saying “children live what they learn”, is very apt, and that is why parenting is such a huge responsibility. Children do not come with manuals or directions on how to raise them, but a parent’s best efforts will likely be rewarded.

              We grew up in a family where work ethic was of vital importance. My father and uncle began working together as HVAC technicians, before some of us were even born. Those guys really worked hard and took great pride in pleasing their customers. Never would they leave a customer with an unresolved HVAC issue, even if the task took them way into the night. Because of their dependability and expertise, there was never a time when they couldn’t get work.  In fact, HVAC system owners would only call the competition, when my dad and uncle were unavailable. Eventually, they managed to start their own HVAC company, and quickly expanded to the point where they were employing other HVAC servicemen. They named the store “Brothers’ HVAC Services”.

               With that kind of example, it was no surprise that four of their seven children  chose HVAC servicing as a career. After attending trade school to obtain HVAC certification and licensing,two joined the team at Brothers HVAC Services, and the other two got jobs elsewhere.  Like their mentors, they are excellent HVAC technicians. The three who chose other careers, are equally committed to, and highly respected for what they do.

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