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Replacing roof reduces workload of heating and cooling system –

Replacing roof reduces workload of heating and cooling system –

             I put off replacing the roof of my home for as long as possible. I just didn’t want to face the disruption, mess or expense. My house is well over a hundred years old, and the roof had been patched multiple times. It simply wasn’t possible to install a new roof on top of so many layers. The whole thing needed to be torn off. During the process, there was a tremendous amount of dust, dirt and debris in my yards, gardens and house. Every room was filthy. We also dealt with an abundance of bugs, and overheated, sticky conditions. The roofing project was handled during the middle of July, when the outside temperature remained in the high eighties with brutal humidity. With the roof torn off, we weren’t able to operate the air conditioner. We tried running electric fans, but they simply blew the dust around. My whole family was anxious for the project to be complete. Once the new roof was in place, I immediately lowered the thermostat and started up the central air conditioner. I assumed it would take several hours to bring the entire home down to a comfortable level. Instead, the air conditioner reached the thermostat level within twenty minutes. There were no hot spots or unpleasant temperature stratification. The air conditioner is now able to maintain a much more even temperature. Plus, my monthly electric bills are significantly less expensive. When the winter weather arrived, I noticed the furnace running for shorter cycles. I was able to lower the thermostat setting without sacrificing comfort. Putting on the new roof was a costly upgrade, but will most definitely pay for itself in reduced heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

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