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My air conditioner still works but is super loud and ugly –

My air conditioner still works but is super loud and ugly –

A few years ago, I bought a small, older home down south. I was able to afford a really nice location, because the house was in a terrible state of disrepair. The former owners had made no improvements over the years. They failed to keep up with necessary maintenance and left the property vacant for quite a while. I have gradually been fixing the place up. I’m trying to do most of the work myself, and the process is expensive and time-consuming. I’ve managed to replace the roof, paint the exterior and beautify the landscaping. I’ve installed new windows and completely renovated the kitchen and one of the bathrooms. The master bathroom and bedroom are still a mess. The carpet in the living room is hideous and stained. One of my biggest complaints is the central cooling system. The outdoor unit is gigantic, rusted, dented and just downright ugly. When it starts up, it’s super loud.  Even with all of the windows shut, I can hear it in the house. I’m sure my neighbors are annoyed by it. Because the air conditioner still works, I can’t justify spending money on a new one. It’s not especially energy efficient, but it supplies a tremendous amount of air. No matter how hot and humid it gets outside, my house is always perfectly cool. I’ve considered building a small fence around the outdoor cooling component to hide it, but I’m reluctant to invest money into a temporary solution. I’d prefer to take out a home improvement loan and install a brand new, much smaller and much quieter central cooling system.

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