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Impressed by variety of smart thermostats in my budget

Impressed by variety of smart thermostats in my budget

I have the hardest time keeping my apartment warm in the winter season.  I work a strict nine to five job and never have enough time during lunch breaks to drop in for a few minutes.  If I want to warm up in a cozy apartment after walking a few blocks in the snow, then I’m forced to leave my furnace on all day heating an empty residence.  After reading that I could set my basic thermostat to turn on and off at pre-given times—simply by setting a cooling or heating schedule—I decided to give it a shot.  Somehow my old thermostat malfunctioned after I left for work on the third day of the new climate schedules. The air got set to 80 and the poor furnace churned away for hours before overheating and turning off.  Although I wasn’t excited at the prospect of changing out my heating system, I was just happy there was no fire to destroy everything I own. When I was picking out new HVAC systems with my heating and cooling supplier, the technician told me that I should consider installing a smart thermostat this time around.  He explained that instead of relying on your thermostat to constantly operate properly when left for hours at a time, you can now access all of the controls for your HVAC system via a phone application. Everything in the system is digital and easily automated through the thermostat software. Not only can you change the temperature in your home wherever you have internet access, but you can also set the thermostat to run automatically based on customized climate cycles that are created with data consisting of local weather conditions, home size, occupancy, indoor habits, and more.  The best part is that the technology is so ubiquitous now that you can buy a smart thermostat for the same prices standard digital thermostats went for years ago when they originally were released. For just under $200 on the thermostat, I was ushered into the future of residential heating and cooling technology.

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