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Slight decrease in air conditioner temperature improves my sleep immensely

Slight decrease in air conditioner temperature improves my sleep immensely

For as long as I can remember I have always ran hot in my sleep.  I had several fans in my room growing up and rarely slept in anything but sheets, and on rare occasions, a thin blanket.  I got used to feeling uncomfortably warm while sleeping despite my family keeping the thermostat at temperatures as low as 70 degrees most nights.  When I went to college and moved into a dorm with my very first roommate, things took a sharp turn for the worse. My new roommate was from the southwest and always felt cold.  He couldn’t manage at temperatures below 75, which led to a small rift between the two of us. Sometimes I’d go change the settings behind his back and on other occasions he would.  Although the roommates I had from that point on were better, I still never had the chance to sleep in temperatures anywhere near the 70 degrees I had become accustomed to living with my family.  But things changed immensely when I moved out on my own for the first time. I had a great job that paid well in marketing and had likewise found an extremely affordable apartment that I could keep at any climate condition I wanted without breaking my back with the electric bill.   I will never forget the night when I first lowered it to 68 degrees to sleep. I don’t think I had ever slept so soundly in my entire life. The sporadic and sweat inducing sleep I was accustomed to for as long as I could remember was replaced with extremely restful and deep sleep cycles.  My long term issues with depression improved and my performance at work reached a level I never thought possible. And all of those improvements were a result of simply lowering my HVAC thermostat a little bit in the evenings before bed.

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