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Finding it easier to workout indoors with climate controlled air

Finding it easier to workout indoors with climate controlled air

I am not shy to admit my love for exercising outdoors.  When I wanted to lose all of the accumulated baby fat over the years as a teenager, I signed up for a gym membership. I wrongly expected to feel motivated from the start, soon to be on my way towards being thin and healthier for a change.  The problem was the anxiety I had trying to workout among other people that I felt were in better shape than myself. It’s embarrassing to look like you’re panting to death over jogging a quarter of a mile while there are fit and trim people of all ages surrounding you and running at full speed.  When I started hiking nature trails in my area, I finally found my chosen exercising method. I have improved so much that I can jog somewhat easily for about a mile or more without getting tired, which is a massive improvement over my weak stamina from before. I love the feel of the outdoor air on my skin and the smell of the trees and blooming flowers enveloping me as I glide through the woods.  I decided to buy workout equipment for my garage, but now I’m starting to wonder if I should just go back to the gym for a change. There’s barely any airflow in my garage so I don’t get the cool breeze like I do running in the woods. Also, I don’t have the wonderful forest aromas; instead, I smell paint and motor oil as I run on my treadmill and use my bench press. Finally I gave up and moved my equipment indoors.  I have much more stamina this way and work out for longer periods of time, improving my endurance much faster than working out in my sweaty garage.

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