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Heating at work

Heating at work

This past week, it has been so hot in the office. While I am excited for springtime to come, I am almost starting to resent the random warm weather days we’ve been having. For the most part, the weather has remained between 30 and 50 degrees, which is an improvement from our brutally cold winters. However, we have the occasional day where the weather reaches up into the 60s and even the 70s. Most people are thrilled when we have a sneak peak of the warm weather, but I dread these days. Unfortunately, my office has a very strict heating and cooling plan. While the plan is reliable, we are unable to adjust it. The heating and cooling system is on a set schedule based on the time of year and the time of day. When we leave work for the day and over the weekends, the heating and cooling unit essentially powers down or operates at a low setting. This is to save money, as there is no reason to heat or cool an empty office. The heating and cooling temperatures are set based on the season. Therefore, if there is weather that is out of season, our heating and cooling system still operates as if the weather was like it is any other day. Currently, our heat is set to counter the 30 to 50 degree weather we typically get, but when there is a warm day, our heat still kicks on. I understand that this method of heating and cooling works very well most of the time, but it makes those warm days brutal on all of us. I have suggested a smart thermostat, but my boss likes our current system and sees no reason to change it when it saves him so much money.

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