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Upgrading heater in the off season

Upgrading heater in the off season

Our furnace is practically ancient. When I moved into my house about ten years ago, the furnace was about twenty years old, and we still have not replaced it. My husband and I take good care of the furnace, but we think it’s time to upgrade. Believe it or not, the furnace still works very well. However, we believe that we would save a lot of money and energy if we switched to a newer method of heating. Newer heating and cooling models are more energy efficient, which would save us a fortune on our energy bills. While we would have to pay for the price of a new heating component and the installation, we believe that it would pay for itself in no time due to the decrease in our spending on energy. Now, we just have to decide which type of heating we would like. We could switch from our ancient oil furnace to a gas furnace. While this isn’t a huge difference, it is cheaper to operate and is safer than an oil furnace. On the other hand, I am more in favor of a more drastic change. I think we should opt for heated floors. Even though this would require a more strenuous installation process, the benefits seem to outweigh this temporary inconvenience. Because the heaters would be installed into the floors, it would take more of a toll on our home. That being said, the radiant heaters are very energy efficient, operate silently, and disperse heat evenly throughout the room. In addition, we would never have to worry about cleaning or changing air filters. Because the radiant heaters are beneath the floor, they cannot collect dust and debris like standard air vents. Either way, I am looking forward to the much needed upgrade.

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