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Making a problem worse

Making a problem worse

As much as I love my husband, he thinks of himself to be a lot better with handy work than he actually is. Growing up, his father was a handy man and could fix anything and everything. He had his own business on the side doing work for friends and neighbors. When my husband was younger, he used to help his father out on the weekends and try to fix things all on his own. However, that was many years ago and my husband has not kept up with this line of work. He works as a school teacher and has virtually no experience of fixing or building anything. Even still, he always has to make an attempt, even when it only makes matters worse. For example, this past summer we had an issue with our central air conditioning. I told my husband that I intended to call someone in the morning, and he practically begged me not to. He told me not to worry and that he would call off of work and take care of everything. I left in the morning feeling a little skeptical, but I figured there was no harm in letting him try. When I came home from work that night, I saw the heating and cooling truck parked in our driveway and knew he had caved. I soon learned that my husband’s attempts to fix the air conditioning only made matters worse, and definitely more expensive!! I was not pleased when I saw how much it was going to cost us. While I admire my husband’s energy, I wish he would leave the heating and cooling work to the professionals. After this mistake, I’m sure he’ll take a break from his little projects around the house, at least for the time being.

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