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The cost of heated floors and installation is obscene

The cost of heated floors and installation is obscene

There are certain things that should not cost a lot of money, but totally do. For example, the cost of toilet paper is obscene. It is literally thing paper on a small roll, not jewels or gold. Why is toilet paper way more expensive than getting bread or cheese? I think items that are super necessary to survival are allowed to be expensive. I will pay anything for toilet paper. I will mortgage my house in order to have it. People must feel this way about heating. My boiler system recently quit on me and I needed to get a new heater. I had a price point in my head and then did some research. I had to up that price considerably. Heating systems are so expensive! What is awful is that the actual equipment is a price and the installation of the heater is another cost. You need to pay the HVAC contractor to come in and do the work. Sometimes the HVAC contractor gets paid hourly. After doing some research, I really wanted to get hydronic heating. I wanted a new boiler in the basement that is hooked to piping that goes within my floors. You would swear I am trying to buy a country instead. The price of that heating system and installation was so much. Even the electric heated flooring option that doesn’t use a boiler was a bit much. At this point I am looking at the smallest furnace I can find for my home. That is really all I can financially and mentally afford to spend for heating.

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