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Could not survive as a caveman-air quality would do me in

Could not survive as a caveman-air quality would do me in

I would never survive back in the caveman days. My body is just too fragile and weak. I use unscented soap since I get a rash with all the other brands. I have to use sensodyne toothpaste because I get sore teeth and gums. My biggest weakness is probably air quality though, especially when it is dry. Moisture in the air quality makes me sweaty and then I break out. No area is safe on my body from pimples. But the dry indoor air conditions are worse. My body just can’t function if it gets dry. My legs, arms and chest get dry to the point where I flake skin. My lips crack and bleed and chapstick doesn’t fix it. The nose is the worst though. I get bloody noses all winter long. The inside of it is basically one big sore spot that bleeds when I touch it. To help fight these symptoms I use a humidifier with my heating system. A heater device naturally dries out the air quality in a home. A humidifier than introduces moisture back into the house. Not only are my issues less severe, but the heater works better. A house just feels warmer when there is more moisture. I can set the thermostat a bit lower and then save some money. Can you imagine me living in the wild? I would be a mess. The dry outdoor air would kill me. My skin would be one dry, rashy mess after a week. I always know that the survival of the fittest phrase does not apply to me. I am the extra person society has saved.

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