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Heater quit right when I returned home

Heater quit right when I returned home

I was in the south for three months as a long form of vacation. I have a house down there that I fix up and eventually I will live there full time. Unfortunately, I still need to make the journey up to the north time and time again. I have to make sure the northern house has not completely fallen apart. Usually I come back from the south to a cold home. This time, I came back to a freezing home. The house heating system is always set to low heating mode when I leave. The reason is that I can’t leave an unheated home. The pipes would freeze and burst if I did not have some heating when the temperatures get cold. Well, the heater must have quit a while ago and because there was no heating. Thankfully the pipes were safe, but the house was super cold. I arrived around midnight last night and was attempting my own heater repair. I tried cleaning it, oiling it and changing the furnace filter. Nothing fixed my heating system. I finally gave up and went to bed. I have heated blankets, so it was no big deal to not have heating for a night. Now, I am dealing with a heater repair. Dealing with an unheated home all day is going to stink. So I am looking at paying emergency heater service for a house that I don’t even want to be in. I should have had someone check the house or gotten a smart thermostat. I would have been aware that the heater died earlier.

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