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Can’t run the marathon-outside offers no AC

Can’t run the marathon-outside offers no AC

My buddy Brian loves doing all sorts of athletic events. He does marathons, triathlons and even goes white water rafting. He wants me to do a full marathon with him in a few months. I am a big time runner. Everyday after work I go to the gym and run. Most days I run about 8 miles. On days I am feeling fat or just like running, I can get up to 13 miles. Brian said a marathon would be right up my alley. Before I committed to it, I decided to see if I could do it. I am so thankful that I decided to test it out before agreeing to go with my friend. A marathon is done outside in the elements. I run in a gym and I thought it would be similar. Nope, the lack of AC just about killed me. Outdoors the terrain is uneven and rough. I can’t go barefoot and have no access to my water. All of that pales in comparison to no cooling. I did not even realize it, but I run on the treadmill that is right under the vent for the air conditioner system. As I run my butt off I have quality air conditioning pounding down on me. Due to this, I don’t sweat very much and I don’t fatigue. Outside I was only able to do about 5 miles before I thought I was going to die. The hot sunshine, faint breeze and no AC was horrible. I was so sweaty and tired afterwards. My friend is going to be bummed when I admit that air cooling has made me too soft to run outdoors.

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