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Portable air conditioner is necessary to drown out barking neighbor dog –

Portable air conditioner is necessary to drown out barking neighbor dog –

Because of the weather in the area where I live, a whole-home cooling system isn’t cost-effective. Our summer season is a maximum of three months long and is often chilly and damp. Most people invest in a bunch of electric fans, keep the windows open and hope for a breeze. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me. I have a neighbor with a large dog, who barks all night long. There is no way to sleep through the barking. Fans don’t drown him out. I’ve even tried playing music throughout the night, but I can still hear him. It sounds as if the dog is standing on my bed. I’ve complained to the neighbor, but he say that his dog doesn’t bark. I finally went to the local hardware store and bought a portable air conditioner. The cooling unit cost around $150, and is the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s extremely compact, lightweight and easy for me to install into the window of my bedroom. It takes me less than ten minutes to set it into place, plug it in and start it up. Despite the small size, the air conditioner easily cools my bedroom and maintains the ideal temperature. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot, humid or raining outside, my room is comfortable. Because of the air conditioner, I keep the rest of the windows shut tight. I no longer deal with an influx of bugs, pollen and exhaust fumes. My bedroom stays far cleaner and smells better. The air conditioner circulates the air, keeping it feeling fresh. It operates from a cordless remote, allowing me to make adjustments to temperature and fan speed without even getting out of bed. I usually install the air conditioner as soon as the snow melts and keep it running until it’s time to start up the furnace. I just love that it drowns out the sound of the neighbor’s dog barking. I sleep so much better.

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