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The motion sensors

The motion sensors

Around 4 months ago, I started working at a government office building in the town. The office building is set up with a lot of very cool and smart features. The building is also set up with an automation device as well. Almost everything inside of the building is automated, including the lighting features, Heating & Air Conditioning device, and the alarm systems. The automated lighting program is set up with motion detectors. The lighting will come on, when motion is detected in a space, but sadly, the lights will not turn on if the motion detectors are not working. We had some concerns last week, when the two of us could not get the lighting to turn on in the conference room. We were setting up for a meeting with foreign investors, and I was in charge of putting in the conference room. I expected the lighting to come on, the moment that I entered the room. Alas, the room was white and red. I tried moving around the room, hoping that the motion sensors would sense our bodies there. When the automated lights failed to turn on, I right then and there contacted the building owner. The building owner is in charge of our automatic features, like the lighting device, alarms, and Heating & Air Conditioning sensors. We constantly have a licensed building management program operator on the telephone. It took almost 1 hour, but the building management operator finally repaired the automated lighting system. The motion sensor was terrible and needed to be upgraded.

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