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I could use a maid

I could use a maid

Six years ago I was a working mom who was trying my best to support three kids on my own.  Their dad was out of the picture and I was really looking for a job that would allow me to be home when the kids were home.  It is hard to find employment that has the same hours as the kids are in school so I decided to go into business for myself. It started out with me cleaning houses for people.  I would only take jobs that could be completed while the kids were at school. A few of my friends wanted to work with me so we took on more and more homes. Some of them wanted night hours, weekends, and such, so it allowed us to expand rather quickly.  Before I knew it I was doing more scheduling than actual cleaning. My business grew because I hired quality people and I realized that there were many people like myself who were looking for jobs that worked with their various schedules. Then, about two years ago, I made the decision to start another business.  I started soliciting local businesses and offering them a discount if they signed up for a year of our cleaning service. I offered top of the line cleaning, bonded and insured cleaners, and no charge for extra hours due to holiday parties. It took a few months but my new commercial cleaning business finally took off.  Now, I have two companies. I never would have imagined that a single mom could ever become the owner of two successful businesses just because she needed a job that worked with her kids schedule. If you are looking for employment that allows you time like I was, you should look into a professional cleaning company near you.  They usually have hours that can accommodate anyone.

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