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I was warm from the heater

I was warm from the heater

I hate needing to deal with my constant feeling like I have the flu but knowing it is just asthma and allergies.  At least with the flu, I know that I will get over it. After watching my mom and dad suffer with the allergy and asthma problem,  I knew that I had to find a way to improve my air quality and improve my breathing problem. I have read multiple articles and they all seem to agree that my breathing problems can come from impurities in the air.  If I can improve my air quality, I may be able to quit suffering from the allergies and the asthma. I started perusing the magazines and the online blogs, in an effort to find some solutions. I finally found an article that talked about an air purification system that is installed into the HVAC system and it cleans the air.  It was really fortuitous to find an ad in the evening newspaper. A HVAC company was offering a substantial discount on a whole house air purification system if you had your ductwork and ventilation system. It was their Spring cleanup special, and I was very interested. I thought that they must have someone in the company who suffered from asthma and/or allergies, if they were smart enough to put in ad for this type of system.  I had never considered a whole home air purification system before, but suddenly it seemed like the right way to go. I am truly hoping that the HVAC company is going to be able to solve my breathing problems with their whole home air purification system.

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