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I thought that was perfect

I thought that was perfect

Building Automation Systems and Building Management Systems are computer controlled systems that are installed in many buildings.  Many operating system in building are controlled by the use of BMS and BAS. A building’s temperature is controlled through BMS and BAS, along with the HVAC, electrical and security systems.  When you have a big building, it has become a necessity to have a BMS and BAS in place. I can come up with many reasons why it would be necessary to have an automated logic system integrated in the building.  There is little room for human error when you have a good building automation system in place. You don’t need to worry about someone making mistakes when you have a BMS or BAS in the building to take care of the HVAC, electrical and security.  I really like knowing that it is safer to have an integrated HVAC control system and an in house electrical power monitoring system. By using a building automation system to control your multi-story and multi-unit building, you can save a lot of time and manpower.  Regardless the type of building management software you use, it will still make a difference. Since there are several types of BMS and BAS, you need to know what you need and look carefully at the different software. You want to make a wise decision so your BMS or BAS software is suitable for the building you run or own.  It really does make a big difference in how efficiently your building runs, if you choose the wrong type of BMS or BAS for your building.

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